Is it easy to get to Oxford from airports/train stations in London?
How is payment organised?
How far is it from Headington to the city centre?
What is the best way to bring money to Oxford?
Can you arrange language classes for me?
Can you arrange for me to stay in other homestays in UK?

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Guy Turton Owner of Homestay Oxford, a bit of text about you. Please get in touch with your enquiry via our online form or using the details below.

+44 7892 841 829
(when calling from outside UK)
07893 841 820
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Hello Guy, Our students have filled out an evaluation sheet and the general opinion about the host families in Oxford was very positive (score 8). I think all went really smoothly. We were worried at first about the bus trips, but this turned out very well indeed. We saved a lot of time and besides, Carfax Tower is an excellent meeting point. So no problem if this would be the arrangement another time. I hope we meet another time and thank you again for your help.

Nanette Oosterwijk, Da Vinci College, Holland
9th March 2017

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