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Guy Turton Owner of Homestay Oxford. Please get in touch with your enquiry via our online form or using the details below.

+44 7982 841 829
(when calling from outside UK)
07982 841 829
(when calling from within UK)

Latest News: Homestay Hosts wanted for French under 18 group 19 to 29th July. Group are interested in the environment and also British culture. They would have chosen this type of Group experience so are likely to come from thoughtful open minded backgrounds

Quality, Affordable, Personal Homestay in Oxford

Homestay Oxford ensures every host family we use has been personally visited by us. Guy checks certificates, takes pictures and agrees a simple contract. Guy only uses families who are:

a) Welcoming and hospitable
b) Have house that is pleasant to be in ie a good physical environment
c) Have all necessary certificates

Homestay Oxford treasts you as an individual. You just deal with Guy and don't get passed around between different people

Individual Homestays, Guy will personally match you and your requirements to our list of Homestay families. We consider your diet, allergies, attitude to pets & kids, do you smoke, where you need to get to each day, and any other specific/cultural requirements.

Group Homestays, Up to 80 or more students can be placed with families on one side of Oxford, Your coach would have a smooth pick up or using the bus every day is also possible. Guy is your single point of contact. Guy attends the hand over of students to families on the first night and is available at all times on phone/email/whatsapp etc.

English Lessons, Teachers/Leaders stay in Guys family home to facilitate smooth resolution of any queries and help you with your planning/timetabling/English Lessons.

About Guy Guy has strong local knowledge of Oxford and offers a flexible personal approach when working with you. Guy is also a therapist/counsellor see





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Hello x, Our students have filled out an evaluation sheet and the general opinion about the host families in Oxford was very positive (score 8). I think all went really smoothly. We were worried at first about the bus trips, but this turned out very well indeed. We saved a lot of time and besides, Carfax Tower is an excellent meeting point. So no problem if this would be the arrangement another time. I hope we meet another time and thank you again for your help.

Nanette Oosterwijk, Da Vinci College, Holland 9th March 2017

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