Group Homestays

We have a wide experience of organising successful homestays for groups from many countries and all ages. Sometimes groups want to come to Oxford for up to 4 weeks and sometimes for as short as four days! Sometimes the reason for the visit is education including English language classes, sometimes tourism, but frequently a mixture of the two – we would be pleased to assist you with organising your group visit.

Not only can we organise the homestay with host families, we can also organise any other aspects of the visit to Oxford. We live here and know Oxford’s secrets. It is a remarkable place; with local knowledge you can get the most out of the visit. Some of our groups wish to have some English lessons in a college – we can organise that too. We can offer programmes for school visits with younger children and older students.

If you are organising a group trip to UK then a trip to Oxford is a must! We can arrange homestay accommodation for your group – just let us know your requirements. We need to know the likely number in your group, your proposed start and finishing dates, plus any extras you are considering like escorted visits, a social programme, a bilingual tour guide, English lessons and so on).

Amongst our clients we have school and university groups organising their graduation trips – there is nowhere more interesting than Oxford. Contact us for details.

Educational and Social Programmes

Some groups have classes every morning during the week with a social programme in the afternoons. This might include visits to colleges, museums, punting on the river and so on. We don’t normally organise activities in the evenings but there are many fun activites available, for example, ice skating.

We have had experience of arranging host family accommodation for many groups from a wide varieties of countries including France, Italy, Korea and Japan. simply let us know your needs and we will do our best to satisfy them. We pride ourselves on satisfying our clients.

No two requests are the same so it impossible to provide full details here. We offer flexibility – simply contact us to see what we can offer!

Group homestay accomodation Oxford


Guy Turton Oxford Homestay
Guy Turton Owner of Homestay Oxford. Please get in touch with your enquiry via our online form or using the details below.

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Hello x, Our students have filled out an evaluation sheet and the general opinion about the host families in Oxford was very positive (score 8). I think all went really smoothly. We were worried at first about the bus trips, but this turned out very well indeed. We saved a lot of time and besides, Carfax Tower is an excellent meeting point. So no problem if this would be the arrangement another time. I hope we meet another time and thank you again for your help.

Nanette Oosterwijk, Da Vinci College, Holland 9th March 2017

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